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55-yr-old gives birth to a baby boy; age no bar for becoming mum, says Dr Sharma (with video)

Samridhdha KC

Samridhdha KC

 |  Kathmandu

Dr Nutan Sharma, senior obstetrician and gynecologist at Norvic IVF Center, Norvic Hospital. (Photo: Nepalkhabar)

The life of a 55-year-old woman from Lalitpur was going on well. She had two daughters and a son.

Suddenly her 30-year-old son falls ill. He was taken to the hospital but could not be saved. She becomes disturbed by the death of her son.

Day and night she suffers from the loss of her son. The couple keeps crying in front of their son's photo.

The younger daughter, being a nurse herself, tries to soothe her mother's pain, but in vain.

One day while the daughter was watching TikTok, she comes across Dr Nutan Sharma's video, senior obstetrician and gynecologist at Norvic IVF Center in Norvic Hospital.

The video message said, 'age does not stop you from becoming a mother'. Then she takes her mother to Sharma's IVF Center.

Dr. Nutan Sharma is a senior gynecologist and test tube specialist working at Norvic IVF Center under Norvic Hospital.

Lalitpur 55's husband was already 68 years old. Dr. Sharma asked, “Do you really want to be a mother again?” “Yes,” the afflicted mother responded.

All the bodies of Lalitpur’s 55 are examined. All reports good. She then administered hormone therapy to make her a mother. IVF is done about a year after coming to the hospital.

She gets pregnant the first time she does IVF.

She gave birth to a son on November 22. Lalitpur’s 55 cries that she has found her son who passed away three years ago.

Lalitpur’s 55 couple is happy now. He has also got rid of mental depression. The baby is also healthy.

Like Lalitpur’s 55, the 54-year-old from Kathmandu also gave birth to twins through IVF eight years ago.

Dr. Sharma had helped her to become a mother through IVF.

How is it possible?
Even though it is difficult to get pregnant as people age naturally, women up to the age of 57 can get pregnant with IVF technology, Sharma said.

According to Dr Sharma, the periods of Lalitpur 55 and Kathmandu 54 had also dried up. They are made to conceive a fetus in the womb by administering them hormones and making them menstruate.

She says that although conceiving and giving birth at an advanced age is considered risky, IVF has reduced that risk and has succeeded in making many mothers happy.

"Usually after 47 years, menstruation dries up and eggs stop forming and women are naturally unable to become mothers," she said, "but many women in Nepal have given birth to children through IVF technology."

In such a case, first of all, the woman's uterus is checked whether it is healthy or not and whether there is any other disease in the body. She says that if all the reports are good, IVF can be done.

She says, “Women who don't have eggs or whose menstruation has dried up, in that case, other women's eggs are taken. Sometimes the husband's sperm is not good, so IVF is done with other people's sperm.

However, he says that women with kidney and heart problems cannot undergo IVF.

Why are women advised to give birth at an early age?
It is said that the age of a girl is the only barrier to becoming a mother. That's because female humans come with certain eggs at the time of birth. Some have fewer eggs, some have more. It decreases with each menstrual cycle. That is why it is said to have children at an early age,” she said.

But due to various reasons, the number of women giving birth at this age is decreasing, Sharma said.

There are many eggs between the ages of 22 and 30. It gradually decreases after 30 years. At 40 years, there are very few eggs left. Therefore, the age of becoming a mother is considered very crucial for women. But now with the development of technology, a woman can become a mother at any age.


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