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How students can utilize their vacation



 |  Kathmandu

School education doesn’t mean only the book learning but also the life skills and experiences which are useful in our daily life. Many students are at home right now as their final exam has ended. If we can best utilize this leisure time in learning some useful skills, they will come handy later in our life.  Students can do so many activities during their long vacation days.

Roles of parents to utilize the vacation of kids are the most important. Parents can introduce their children to different activities like household chores, sports, musical instruments or even life skills. This will help them stay busy along with becoming clean and well disciplined. Every parent is busy with their own business and cannot give enough time to their kids always. Therefore, parents should take this opportunity to support their kids to cultivate their behaviors of self-motivated learners. There are various options which help us hone our skills, like cooking, swimming, crafting, and so on.

As parents are the first teacher for their child, a child always trusts his/her parents. Parents should know that all children are special in their own ways. So, it should be a parent’s duty to motivate their children and support them in their field of passion. Parents should never compare their children with others which leads a child towards demotivation.This comparing behavior of parents might affect the mental growth of a child. Children mimic their parent’s behavior so it is a must for the parents to behave well at all time.

Besides this, in Nepal, there are many places for site seeing. Students can go for a short trip. This will help them better understand the culture of that particular area they visited. They can also note down what they saw and how they felt about the type of cultures they saw, etc. Students can take the opportunity to visit different temples, stupas, monasteries, etc and get information on those things. This kind of trip also helps us know about the weather, vegetables, fruits and particular things about those places. And students can gain more information about the area and broaden their knowledge. Such visit helps students remember the things more clearly and for a longer period of time.

Among all these above I would like to help my mother in household chores so that I can be perfect in doing my own things when I am back to my school. It was not that easy for me last year to be in hostel and do all my stuff by myself. Helping my mother in household chores will give me an opportunity to spend time with my mother and make her work a little easier.

It is quite difficult for parents to give time to their children because of their office work. And children feel alienated by their parents. Therefore, every parent needs to know that their children need their full attention and time when they are at home during their vacation time. If it is not possible to give their children full attention then parents can join their children in some fun activities related to their passion.

(Ipkshita is a fifth grader studying at Bhudhanilkantha School.)

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