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Communist Party will be reorganized again, but not due to China’s good will: Agni Sapkota

'All stakeholders had weaknesses behind disintegration of NCP in the past; it should be reorganized"


 |  Kathmandu

Vice Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center) Agni Sapkota.

CPN (UML) and the CPN (Maoist Center), which formed a single Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and ran the government in the past, are now together again, in a coalition government.

There have been speculations among the intelligentsia whether these two parties will unite again to form a single party. How far have the preparations for unity gone? Against this backdrop, Nepalkhabar talked to Vice Chairman Agni Sapkota, who is also the spokesperson of the Maoist Center, on the communist unity again on Saturday.

You have said that communist parties are unifying yet again to form the Nepal Communist Party. How and when is that happening? UML Chairman KP Oli is saying that this government is not based on left alliance or communist ideology?
This left-wing unity is like a loose coalition among those parties with the shared goal. Why I have used the terminology of the great left-wing unity is that the Nepal Communist Party was formed in the past. That unity, however, could not be sustained. Now the reorganization of the Nepal Communist Party is mandatory. The Nepali people also want a greater left-wing unity for the sake of national unity and the upliftment of the people’s livelihood. Hence the need for reorganization is inevitable.

And who comes on broad the left integration? Along with the UML and Maoist Center, Madhav Nepal's CPN (Unified Socialist) and Baburam Bhattarai's NSP are also included?
There can be unity especially among the leftist parties. It’s early to say about this. But it is likely to happen as discussions move forward.

You have rebuffed the statement by some communist leaders that ‘leftist integration will neither run the government nor the country'. In the past, the government of the Communist Party was formed, neither could the government sustain, nor did the country develop.
There were some errors and weaknesses on the part of stakeholders in the past. Reorganization of the Communist Party is possible after its serious review. We should review it and do a broader left integration. The reorganization of the Communist Party is possible. It is also necessary in the present context of Nepal.

Why did the communist unity not survive in the past? Who split it, actually?
It needs to be reviewed seriously. Rather than blaming each other, we should hold open discussions objectively. However, we all have weaknesses in yesterday's dissolution of the Communist Party. In my opinion, the Communist Party can and should be reorganized following a serious review and discussions.

China's role in promoting communist unity in Nepal has been a constant topic of discussions, of late. Can, China, like in the past, facilitate communist unity in Nepal through its goodwill again?
No, not at all. No need to drag anyone into this issue. This is entirely an internal matter of Nepali people and the communist parties of Nepal. This is where our free judgment comes into play. And this is what our foreign friends may wish to. However, this is our internal matter. It should be dealt with internally.


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