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Going swimming to beat scorching heat?

Keep in mind the following tips before getting into pool


 |  Kathmandu

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With the summer already set in, it's getting hotter every single day. Special precautions need to be taken during summer compared to other seasons. Due to various health problems in summer, precautions should be taken when it comes to eating foods while hot sun should be avoided.

Similarly, it is best to drink an abundant of water during hot season. Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. Not only drinking water but swimming is equally important to keep the body refreshed.

It is best to swim in summer than in other seasons. But it is equally important to be careful while swimming, otherwise you might face various health problems.

Following eight tips can be helpful before going to  swim:
1) Outdoor swimming is better than indoor swimming pools. If done so, the toxic gas released from our body gets blown into the air.

2) Chlorine is added to a swimming pool water to keep it clean. But before swimming, you should know how much chlorine there is. Too much chlorine can be harmful to our skin.

3) Never forget to take shower after swimming with clean water with soap and shampoo. While doing so, you will not only feel fresher, but it will also reduce the risk of exposure to chlorine.

4) Drink plenty of water 30 minutes before swimming to avoid dehydration.

5) Swimming goggles must be worn to prevent eye damage.

6) Ear plugs should be kept to prevent water from entering the ears.

7) The clothes worn while swimming should be changed immediately to avoid infection in the private parts.

8) Sun cream and essential moisturizer should be used. It will protect your skin. 


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