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Sometimes it might be fun to visit a doctor



 |  Kathmandu

Visiting a doctor because of illness is often viewed as an unpleasant experience that involves waiting for an extended period combined with anxiety over illness or diagnosis. However, my visit to the doctor this time turned out to be different than what I had expected.

Here, I want to share my fun experience when I visited doctor last time. I stay in a hostel and sometimes when we get sick there is a school clinic. One day I was not feeling that well and went to my school clinic. The staff at the school clinic referred me to a hospital for further diagnosis. After I got referral from my school clinic my head of house gave me a permission slip to go home.

I came home and we decided to visit a doctor the next day. We went to a nearby hospital for further treatment.During the checkup time the doctor asked me if I had eaten junk food. Then, I said, “No, doctor, I have not eaten any junk food.” As I mentioned, I stay in a hostel and we are not allowed to eat junk food, instead we eat the vegetables grown in our school (which is towards organic).

After the doctor found out that I was staying in a hostel, he asked me about my school’s name. I replied, “Budhanilkantha School.” Then, he told me that he too had studied in the same school. With excitement I asked the doctor if he had anxiety during his stay in the hostel. Before he narrated his story, I went for anultrasound as per the doctor’s advice.

After some time, my father also came to the hospital. The doctor was familiar with my father. I requested the doctor to share his experience while staying in the hostel. Listening to his story made me a little relieved and confident to go back to school with a higher spirit. This made me realize school is a place where children like us go to learn and develop our skills.

We learn to work with others, make friends and develop communication skills and build relationships. We should enjoy going to school because it’s all about learning new things, making new friends, learning social skills, developing talents and so on. I learnt from this experience that it is more important to socialize with other people as well because you learn new perspectives, develop new interests, and get networking opportunities, etc.

The ultrasound report was normal and so were other tests. I was so fresh after the chats with the doctors. He advised me to do Surya Namaskar as soon as I wake up and get fresh in hostel. This will help reduce anxiety. On the way back home from the hospital I was thinking of all the talks that I had with the doctor in the hospital. I get sick often, which might be because of anxiety in me. After this I decided to do Surya Namaskar whenever possible and do meditation so that I will be able to cope with my anxiety during my stay in the hostel.

(Ipkshita is a sixth grader studying in Bhudhanilkantha School.)

(Nepalkhabar encourages students to send in their articles on any issues of their interest. The article should be around 500 to 700 words in English and sent via [email protected]. We will select, edit and duly publish them in our blog section.)


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