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Russia detained Nepalis and sent them to war: Bishwa Prakash Sharma


 |  Kathmandu

Nepali Congress General Secretary Bishwa Prakash Sharma (File Photo)

Nepali Congress General Secretary Bishwa Prakash Sharma has said that the Nepalis who were returning home were arrested and sent back to the Russian Army.

Speaking at the Parliament's State Affairs Committee on Sunday, Sharma, who is also a Congress Member of Parliament (MP), said that the Nepali youths who were returning home from Moscow were arrested and taken away by the Russian Army.

  "How humane is it to arrest Nepalis who left the Russian Army and take them back to war, even when the Nepali Embassy in Moscow is sending them home?" What is the state doing for them?'

“General Secretary Sharma said that when the situation is normal, citizens will work even if there is no state. In such a war-torn situation, the state should show its presence”, he said targeting the government.

Sharma further said that hundreds of Nepalis are under the custody of Russian soldiers. "Does the government know about their situation?"

Sharma asked, "Is the government in touch with Russia in this connection?" What is the number of Nepalis in the Russian Army? Does the government have details?”


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