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National Bajrabarahi Muay Thai C'ship II showcases Nepal's finest


 |  Kathmandu

The Bajrabarahi Muay Thai Club is holding the second National Bajrabarahi Muay Thai Championship today.

The two-day tournament, which kicked off on Friday, is conclding at RL Futsal in Chapagaun, Lalitpur.

"We are excited to host the National Bajrabarahi Muay Thai Championship for the second consecutive year. This event not only celebrates the rich tradition of Muay Thai but also provides a platform for our athletes to showcase their skills and dedication," the club’s president Mr. Anil Shrestha said. 

The championship will feature the finest athletes from the country competing in various weight categories, showcasing their skills, determination and endurance in Muay Thai techniques.

Spectators can expect a weekend of exhilarating matches and sportsmanship, as the fighters vie for the championship title.



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