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WePlay: One-stop platform to book futsal venues in valley


 |  Kathmandu

Sports enthusiasts are increasingly using the 'WePlay' app to find and book futsal venues within the Kathmandu Valley.

WePlay is a one-stop sports platform for sports enthusiasts that allows players to discover and book futsal venues within the valley.

Prior to WePlay, players had to search for an individual sports venue in their periphery on Google Maps and manually call the venues one by one to check their availability and place a booking.

WePlay has streamlined this process in their app through which players can now view the futsal venue of their choice, choose a desired date and time and place their booking with pre-payment options available within the app.

“The hassle of calling multiple venues and coordinating with an entire team of players multiple times a week for an hour-long match often took out the fun aspect of the game and induced a lot of stress. At the end of one such futsal game, I thought how it’d be very convenient to players if we could have a list of venues and available time on a single platform," said Co-founder and Executive Director of WePlay Bishow Basnet.

"This idea was later conceptualized into WePlay- an efficient platform for players that allows them to find all available commercial venues in a single tap and reserve a time without the hassle,” Basnet added.

Launched in 2021, the WePlay app is currently available on both Android and iOS platforms and has close to 70 venues listed in the app.

The WePlay app has created a platform that has enabled 5000+ players to host 12,000+ match reservations across 70+ venues in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

WePlay provides digital services through its platform to both players and commercial sports arenas.

For the players, WePlay has a platform that allows players to search for playing spaces, view their time slots and make reservations or bookings up to a week in advance. Players can also view the venue’s profile which includes information regarding price, location, host detail, reviews and any discounts offered by the venue.

In addition, the WePlay app also allows players to communicate directly with the venue partner about any possible queries through the app’s chat section.

WePlay has also partnered with various sports venues and claims that this partnership is aimed at bridging the gap between service offering and service delivery.

“The unique features integrated into the system for our venue partners allow for operational efficiency through the ease of managing customer’s booking and financial record keeping,” added Basnet.

In the past, WePlay has provided platforms to various emerging players through their knowledge-based approach for both leisure and competitive playing that has focused on enabling players to understand sports from a technical, non-technical and psychological perspective.

“Developing sports and the micro-community within it requires more than strengthening or digitalizing sports venues. WePlay’s current and future plan, therefore, revolves on not just giving continuation to our current efforts but also creating a strong community of people that understand and perceive sports from both a theoretical as well as practical perspective” said Co-founder and Business Development Head at WePlay Nepal Manashi Pandit.


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