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American Gold's Gym Franchise begins in Nepal with millions of investment (with video)

Samridhdha KC

Samridhdha KC

 |  Kathmandu

Arbin Rai who brought to Nepal Gold's Gym Franchise from America.

Arbin Rai was fond of gym since he was a school boy. He wanted to live a healthy lifestyle ever since. He was equally conscious about foods. He spent hours on Google searching on how to stay healthy and fit.

He used to keep himself updated about the famous gym trainers from across the globe and joined gym when he was 16.

The older he grew, the more interested he became in bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle. He has been gyming since 2010.

Rai, who hails from Golfutar, studied Plus 2 level from Kathmandu and went to America where he got opportunities to know about world-class gym.

Rai sees a stark difference between the gyms in Nepal and those of America.  Since his childhood, he had a dream to set up a gym. When he joined gym in America, he came to realize that gyms in Nepal were not complying with the minimum standards.

“Those doing workout were not following even minor rules of the gym. The gym halls were unhygienic and lacked sufficient equipment,” shared Rai.

Having witnessed no changes for a long time, he decided to bring a franchise of an American brand.

After that, he tried to bring franchise of Gold's Gym, which was established in 1965 in America and has been set up in more than 700 places around the world.

Since there is no Gold’s franchise in Nepal, he had to bring it for the first time, which was not so easy. Nevertheless, he applied. Gold's Gym allowed him to start the gym after screening Rai's background.

Following the permission, he brought the franchise of Gold’s Gym and established its company in Bhainsepati, Lalitpur.

“It has its outstanding history. I applied for the franchise and they selected me. Perhaps, having seen my profile and profile, who have been doing gyms for a long time,” Rai told Nepalkhabar.

Gold’s Gym is the number one franchise across the globe.

Gold's Gym Manager and personal trainer Adhish Amatya

Gold’s franchise outshines local gyms 
There are a lot of differences between Gold’s gym local gyms, said Rai.

“The Gold's franchise is operated on its own set standard rules while local gyms don't. Equipment, sanitation and rules of workout should be followed as per the international standards,” added Rai, “They come, time and again, to inspect to ensure that international rules are being followed."

Therefore, to maintain the international standards, the gym must be kept clean and equipped with necessary equipment brought from abroad, he said.

He says that since Gold's Gym cannot afford to hire foreign trainers in Nepal, the trainers here are Nepalis. However, they have received international level training, Rai said.

Adhish Amatya, the manager and personal trainer of Gold's Gym Nepal, said it offers services including Zumba, aerobics to fitness, steam, sauna apart from training in the gym hall at Bhainsepati.

Gold's Gym at Bhainsepati (Video: Bishal Karki) 

"The time from 6 am to 9 am is designated as gold time and other times are designated as silver time. The annual fee for the gold time is set for Rs 117,000 and Rs 10,000 per month," said Rai.

He claims that the franchise is offering international standard service at a nominal fee. 

"The maintenance is done every three months by a team who will come from abroad," said he.

Why Bhainsepati?
With the permission to open Gold's franchise in Nepal, Rai also had the challenge of choosing a right place to start a gym.

"I looked for a lot of places, and while searching, I found Bhainsepati in Lalitpur to be the right place. Before that, I didn't know much about that area," says Rai. "The Bhainsepati area is now developing rapidly with an international hospital and residences for ministers are also opening nearby. The parking facility was also good. Hence, I chose this area."

He informed that since it is an international franchise, every member of the gym will be given a travel passport every year and will be able to go to the gym for 15 days in gold's gyms around the world.

More than 80 people have taken memberships of the gym without marketing and prior to opening it formally, said Amatya.

"Nepal's membership allows you to go to gyms all over the world"

He says that about 90 million rupees have been spent on Gold's Gym in Bhainsepati so far.

Not a luxury, but a lifestyle 
Although Gold's Gym, taken at face value, is a bit more expensive compared to others, it is not very expensive in terms of available facilities, claimed Rai.

"People are spending money on things they don't need. But spending money on your health is wise," said Arbin Rai, "some say gym is a luxury. But, it is a healthy lifestyle."

Rai says that a group of people in Nepal go to fancy restaurants and enjoy the nightlife, but do not do much for a healthy lifestyle. Because of which, later on, they will suffer from various kinds of diseases. So, now, it is necessary to take health into account and go to the gym or exercise,” says Rai.

Gym to stay healthy for 80 years 
Many people think of weight loss and bodybuilding when it comes to gym but that concept is wrong, says Rai.

"One aspect of the gym is to build a six-pack and lose weight, but the gym is not limited to it. It is necessary to pay more attention to a healthy lifestyle. We are focusing on that," he said.

Manager Amatya said that if people pay special attention to foods along with gym, they will be both healthy mentally and physically.

"How healthy and fit you are internally is more important than what you look like externally," said Amatya, "As a personal trainer, I say, do the gym to be healthy till 80 years." Just like we brush our teeth daily, we should do some exercises daily. A 100 kg person should lose weight to become healthy. You should think that you will do gym as long as your body supports you, said he.

He emphasized that those who mainly go to the gym should pay special attention to their diet.

"Foreign citizens who have been living in Nepal for a long time come a lot," he said, "and they appreciate many things from cleanliness."

Gold's Gym has special discounts for senior citizens and students.



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