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China releases new map including entire Arunachal and South China Sea


 |  Beijing

The China government has released a new map of its country. The Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China on August 21 published the "2023rd Edition of the Official Map of China".

In the new map, as before, Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin region have been included in the territory of China.

Similarly, as in the old editions, the entire area of the South China Sea is also shown within the map. Which is included in its territory by the ‘nine-dash line’.

China has used the 'ten-dash line' to present its claim on Taiwan as well.

Beijing has a dispute with India over the Arunachal and Aksai Chin regions, while in the South China Sea it has disputes with countries including the Philippines.

Recently, China also changed the names of some places in Arunachal. The new map has used the same changed names.

After this, it is said that China will publish a digital map. (With inputs from Agencies)


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