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Nepal faces Internet outage due to glitch with broadband in India


 |  Kathmandu

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Many internet users in Nepal are currently experiencing difficulties today reportedly due to a glitch with the main server.

Private internet service providers (ISPs) are facing latency issues, causing delays in data transfer.

“Internet disruptions are due to problem with their main server. We will fix the issue and restore service within one to two hours,” a source at World Link, an Internet service provider in Nepal, told Nepalkhabar.

Similarly, Vianet, another ISP, has apologized for the interruptions in the internet services through SMS alerts.

Internet outages are affecting Nepal due to issues with their international bandwidth provider. Since roughly 70% of Nepal's broadband comes through India, this issue likely involves Airtel, the company supplying internet bandwidth to Nepal.

According to reports, the ISPs including Vianet owe almost Rs 3 billion to Airtel, potentially impacting Nepal's internet access as around 70% of broadband comes through India.

They have not cleared the arrears for the last one year, the sources said.

Vianet's SMS alerts point to unpaid bills as the cause of internet disruptions in Nepal.


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