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Dr Muskan's journey from 'Gundruk' to Grand Poet Idol Season 2

Kulchand Phombo

Kulchand Phombo

 |  Kathmandu

Muskan Pokharel, whose love for poetry began with her very first poem, "Gundruk," has been selected as a top-four finalist for The Poet Idol Season 2. Muskan, who is keenly interested in writing poetry that blossomed in her school days, holds an MBBS degree from Bangladesh. She does craft poems to deal with the mental health issues of patients. Against this background, Nepalkhabar talked to Dr Muskan for her views, recently. Excerpts:

When did you start writing poetry? What attracted you to this genre in particular?
My journey of writing poetry started when I was a schoolgirl. ‘Gundruk’ was the first poetry written by me. I wrote a few gajals afterwards while studying plus two. After I joined MBBS in Bangladesh, I came into a circle of Urdu speaking friends. I learnt Urdu and wrote poetry in Urdu language to deal with the mental health issues of patients. I also used poetry to simplify medical jargons for the patients in general. Eventually, I started writing poetry in Nepali thinking that it would contribute to Nepali literature.  

Why are you interested in poetry? Why not songs? What differences do you see between songs and poetry?
It’s the lyrics in poetry that attract me the most. We can express our inner feelings, experiences, and knowledge in words in a certain format. Songs are also like poetry but they are set to be sung with music.  While songs tend to be concise to fit within a musical structure, poems can be of any length and may use denser language, figurative speech, and complex structures to explore deeper themes. This definition, however, does not apply in all cases and contexts, a song without music (melody, rhythm, notes, and pitch) can be poetry.  

Do you think poetry has become more advanced with the development of science and Information Technology?
Yes. Poetry has radically transformed over time with the advancement of science and technology. Earlier, poetry was limited to books and only those who were educated. Now the situation has changed. With the development of social media and Information Technology, it can be presented in a theater, television and YouTube, i.e., The Poet Idol Season 2. Now, even an illiterate person can understand and enjoy the poetry.

When a person falls in love, it is said, that he/she becomes a poet. Does that hold true for a young and promising poet like you? What sparks your creativity when it comes to crafting poems?
Of course. It's the love that inspires many people to write poetry, and I am not an exception to it. But, it's not like the one, as you said, that someone does for the other person, rather it's a 'self-love' that sparks my creativity when it comes to writing poems. Nowadays, self-love is on the dwindling stage, and as a result of it, people are living in insecurities. This self-love helps an individual to take care of himself/herself rather than caring for someone at the cost of their health, money, and life. However, it takes time and effort to cultivate it. Self-love is the foundation for healthy relationships with yourself and others. It allows you to be more confident, resilient, and fulfilled in life.

When did you hear about The Poet Idol Season 2 and how did you happen to participate in it?
When I was doing my MBBS, I saw the reality show The Poet Idol on television. My friends suggested me to try it since I used to write poetry. I used to write poems to present medical jargon in a simpler manner for patients with medical health conditions. Besides, it was the field of my interest, too. At the start, I was not so confident. But again, my conscience told me to try it once. Then, I decided to participate in it.

You have been selected as one of the top four finalists of The Poet Idol Season 2. What do you want to tell the audience/ readers?
I have come this far solely because of your support. I would like to request the audience/readers to keep extending support to not only me but all four finalists even after we are off the poetry reality show. There are other many promising young talents off the limelight. Please provide them with platforms and encourage them by reading their poems. It would encourage us to keep writing poems in the future, too. If done so, I hope, it will help grow the poetry and Nepali literature as a whole.


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