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Proportional electoral system is our agenda, we don't agree to remove it: Janardan Sharma

Ram Kumar DC

Ram Kumar DC

 |  Kathmandu

Maoist Center Deputy General Secretary Janardan Sharma. (File Photo)

The incumbent government led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachand’ has fallen into minority after the main opposition Nepali Congress and CPN (UML), the largest party in the ruling coalition, formed a new power alliance on Monday midnight. The Maoist Center has called its office-bearers’ meeting today following a change in the new power equation. How is the Maoist Center taking the changed political scenario following the two largest parties formed a new power alliance? How could be its next move? Against this backdrop, Nepalkhabar talked to Janardan Sharma ‘Prabhakar’ the deputy general secretary of the Maoist Center. Excerpts:

How is the Maoist Center taking the sudden change in the power equation?
The Prime Minister called an office-bearers' meeting today. In the meeting, he briefed us about his meetings with Oli yesterday and the day before yesterday. According to Prachanda, Oli did not reveal anything about his plan to form a new coalition with Nepali Congress. The agreement for a new power alliance with Nepali Congress was done overnight.

The Prime Minister has decided not to resign but face the vote of confidence. Do you think the Maoist Center can still sustain the government? 
This is our constitutional right. We have still one month time. Prime Minister has said that a collective decision will be taken following a consultation after a few days.

What could be the next move? Will you ask for help from other parties, too?
Prachanda has said he will take a decision after a few days following consultations. No strategic move has been made yet.

There have been talks about amending the constitution and removing the proportional electoral system. What's your party's take on it?
We haven't heard it officially. If it is so, we don't agree with it. It's impossible.

If it is true, how will your party react to it?
First, let's see their strategic move be unfolded. The party will decide on it. Proportional electoral system is our agenda. We won't leave out our agendas.

Is there possibility to form an alliance with Nepali Congress under these circumstances?
These is no possibility when two big parties have already allied.

It was heard that you were trying to negotiate for an alliance with Nepali Congress. What went wrong?
No. How could I be involved in the negotiation with NC? Our party has not initiated negotiations with any parties.

If so, Maoist Center will stay in opposition?
Is there any alternative to it?




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