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Wrestling in Kalapathar to set world record


 |  Kathmandu

Photo: Courtesy of Yunika Khadka's Facebook)

A wrestling competition was held at Kalapathar, in a bid to set a world record for wrestling at the highest place of the world on the occasion 'Everest Day' today (May 29).

An international friendly match of wrestling was held today at Kalapathar at an altitude of 5,644 meters. The event was organized by Nepal Women's Wrestling Foundation.

Nepal won the friendly competition held between Nepal's first female wrestler Bhagwati Khadka (Yunika) and American wrestler Daniel Morrison (Danny Mo).

Khadka, who has been dreaming of setting a world record through wrestling, claimed that this will be a world record as no wrestling match has been played at such an altitude in the world.


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