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Aruna Gurung wins Hong Kong's 'Ethnic Achievement Award 2023'


 |  Hong Kong

Aruna Gurung

In Hong Kong, Aruna Gurung has won the 'Ethnic Achievement Award 2023' worth about one hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars.

The Hong Kong Federation of Commerce for Small and Medium Enterprises decided to give her this award in recognition of her positive contributions to Hong Kong's ethnic minority community and various fields.

The organizing committee of Enterprises' Ethnic Achievement Award 2023 has decided to present this award worth one million Hong Kong dollars to 11 people from different fields, in which Aruna Gurung has been selected from the Nepali community.

The organizing committee has informed Gurung that she has been selected and invited her to the award ceremony to be held in November. Under this, Gurung will get a gift and trophy worth about one hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars.

"On behalf of the organizing committee of the Ethnic Achievement Awards 2023, we thank you very much for taking the time to attend the judging interview on 18 May 2023", the organizing committee said in a letter sent to Aruna Gurung, "Congratulations!" You have been successfully selected as one of the winners of the Ethnic Achievement Award 2023!'

The committee said that the entire process from interview selection was completed in an open, fair and objective manner.

After working for 32 years with Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong, she retired last year from the position of 'In-flight Service Manager'.

Gurung, who was previously a member of the Hong Kong Women's Commission, a member of the Racial Harmony Promotion Committee, is currently active as a member of the Fire Safety Committee of Yau Tsim Mong District.

Gurung, who is fluent in the local Cantonese language, had been honored with the Hong Kong Government's 'Chief Executive Commendation Award' in 2012.


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