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In pics: Teej festival being observed with gusto

Saroj Baizu

Saroj Baizu

 |  Kathmandu

Teej, which is also known as Haritalika, is being observed with gusto by worshipping lord Shiva and goddess Parwati across the country today.

Women devotees have thronged Pashupati Nath Temple since early morning and are seen dancing to Teej songs and paying homage to lord Shiva.

A religious belief has it that family will be blessed with good health, peace and prosperity if lord Shiva and goddess Parwati are worshipped on Bhadra Shukla Tritiya.

Pashupati Area has been made more systematic compared to previous year, hence the devotees can pay homage in a short span of time, said Executive Director of Pashupati Development Trust Dr Ghanashyam Khatiwada.

All the doors of Pashupati Nath Temple have been kept open since 3 am today for devotees to pay homage to lord Pashupati Nath.


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