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I will part ways if you do not fix things: Shekhar warns Deuba

No discussions and meetings from now onwards, says Koirala


 |  Kathmandu

Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba (left) and CWC member Shekhar Koirala. (File Photo)

Nepali Congress leader Shekhar Koirala has met with party President Sher Bahadur Deuba at his residence in Dhumbarahi on Wednesday.

Koirala met with President Deuba in Dhumbarahi after the non-establishment faction adopted an aggressive strategy against the establishment led by President Deuba in the meeting on Tuesday.

Vice President Dhanraj Gurung and Deputy General Secretary Jeevan Pariyar had accompanied him to Dhumbarahi.

In a half an hour-long meeting, Koirala vented his ire on Deuba stating that the latter did not change his working style even after the 14th General Convention of the party, sources have said.

According to sources, during the meeting with Deuba, Koirala said that not only the internal structure of the party but also the diplomatic and economic situation of the country is in peril.  

 “Every index of the country does not bode well for the country’s future. Citizens have not realized the presence of the government,” a leader quoted Koirala as telling President Deuba, “Nepali Congress being the largest party should not remain as a mute spectator at a time when the country is sliding into peril every single day.”

During the meeting Koirala also touched upon the instability of Koshi Province. “What is the role of Nepali Congress in Koshi Province when the situation is getting more problematic every single day? Our party should not remain as a mute spectator," said Koirala.

Similarly, Koirala also expressed his grievances for not making assessments on the ministers represented in the Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led cabinet from Nepali Congress.

The country is going anarchic and the people in general are losing trust in Nepali Congress.

“Citizens are losing trust in our party. The country is going anarchic,” Koirala said, “We never bother assessing our working style and the condition of the country. How long our party will go this way.”

He warned that he will part ways if the leadership does not want to be rectified and move accordingly.

“Now, fix these things and move on accordingly. If not, you go your way, I'll go mine. From now on I will not come for any kind of discussions and meetings with you. I will now move in my own way,” said Koirala.

One of the leaders who participated in the meeting calmed down disgruntled Koira. Deuba responded that he would fix everything.

"I will fix everything", Deuba responded to Koirala, "Don't worry too much, I will arrange it, let's sit and talk in the party meeting."


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