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After seeing no signs of improvement in govt performance, I resigned: Gajurel (interview)

Sagar Neupane

Sagar Neupane

 |  Kathmandu

There was a hullabaloo in the CPN (Maoist Center) over the resignation of Haribol Gajurel, the Political Advisor to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda'.

Gajurel resigned on December 6. However, his resignation has not been approved yet. He said to have mentioned some serious issues in his resignation.

Against this backdrop, Nepalkhabar talked to Gajurel. Excerpts:

What forced you to resign from the post as PM's Political Advisor?
I have resigned over political disagreements.

What are the differences?
What was the government like a month and a half ago? Why are people starting to hate the government every single day? We played a role in strengthening the government in the past. I resigned because there was no conducive working environment. Even if you stay in the government now, it is impossible to remove the growing frustration among the people. Hence, I tendered my resignation.

What did the Prime Minister do today differently than in the past, disappointing you?
It's not about the Prime Minister, it's about our modus operandi. Singha Durbar did not function differently from the Panchayat regime. Bureaucracy is similar. It is not in favor of the people. I had a plan to make some strategic policy arrangements. There is no environment conducive to work.

Are you dissatisfied with the Prime Minister or with others?
It is not a matter of personal resentment. There was no environment where I could sit and work on moral grounds, nor would programs and plans be brought to attract people. The main thing is that the government was not in a position to act.

But, the leaders of your party take your resignation as a bargaining chip for a post in the National Assembly.
If I had a longing for a post in the National Assembly, I would have resigned two days earlier. On top of that, I, as political advisor, would have talked to the Prime Minister about it, if I had really wanted it. It's not about any position, but a serious policy issue, a matter of people's livelihood. I also took the initiative to implement some issues, but it didn't work. We must be answerable for what we are doing. If we can't do that, why stay in government office?

The resignation has not been approved by the Prime Minister. Will you rejoin?
After I resigned, I asked the Prime Minister to approve it at the earliest. He said he would discuss it. Well, there is no meeting since he said so. I did not consult anyone before I resigned. I do not form factions.

Are you ready to become a member of the National Assembly, if offered?
It was a matter of the party's decision rather than my choice. Again, the political advisor is a government position, so I resigned. It's up to the party to decide on this issue. Let's see.

You got on in your political career and became a minister. Don't you aspire to become a member of the National Assembly and then chairman?
I have never been power-hungry. Look into my past. I never created factions. I think, after taking responsibility, I should do a good job. I have shown this behavior since I started party politics.

There is also a rumor that you resigned due to dissatisfaction with Ganga Dahal.

I am a political advisor and always responsible for the party. I am never displeased by taking matters personally. However, the current government does not seem to have an environment that will make it successful. If you can't do well, why keep staying in the office?

The leaders of your party are not happy with your resignation. They started saying that you did not cooperate.
Look at the past. Until a month and a half ago, the government was acclaimed for its performance. The work done by the Maoist government was applauded. But what is happening now? The government is under fire over its poor performance from various quarters.


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