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Sagar Neupane

Meeting with Oli was accidental, impossible to unite with UML: Madhav Nepal

During a meeting with CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal on January 23, he was preparing to meet CPN-United Chairman Chandradev Joshi. He said that he was going to meet Joshi to discuss the issue of party unity. The Unified Soc…

Engine failure led to Yeti air crash while taking final turn!

The 9N ANC ATR-72 aircraft of Yeti Airlines took off at 10:33 am from Tribhuwan International Airport TIA to Pokhara. Senior Captains Kamal KC and Anju Khatiwada, airhostesses Oshin Ale Magar and Sirjana Hongthun were the crew members among the 7…

Yeti plane crash: Senior pilot KC perishes while training co-pilot Anju

"Weather is beautiful. Very good visibility. The runway is clear." The senior pilot of Yeti Airlines aircraft ATR-72, Kamal KC, was communicating with the air traffic control (ATC) in Kathmandu. The crew members had taken permis…

Whom will the UML make Speaker?

If things go as planned within the incumbent seven-party ruling coalition, the posts of the President and the Speaker will go to the CPN (UML). UML leaders say that the leadership of the legislative would in the hands of the UML since CPN (M…

Prachanda distrustful of Oli's premiership offer

The top brass of the CPN (UML) have been holding frequent dialogues with CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' to form a new coalition government for the past two weeks. Some UML leaders proposed that the UML and the…

Allocation of 100 powerful posts holds key to govt formation

Nepal's Constitution of 2015 has established three tiers of government in Nepal namely local level, provincial and federal. All three governments have completed their first five-year tenure since the promulgation of the constitution on Septem…

UML to hold on to President, alternate PM with others in power-sharing deal

CPN (UML), which took part in the general elections with the hope of securing 150 seats and forming a majority government, did not achieve the expected success. However, the UML has an equal opportunity to form the government since the ruling coa…

What will be the status of 10 Unified Socialist lawmakers?

The CPN (Unified Socialist) Party, which was formed last year after splitting from the CPN (UML), has won 10 first-past-the-post (FPTP) seats in the November 20 House of Representatives (HoR) election. However, as the party could not cross the thres…

Existence of alliance unaffected by who becomes PM: Maoist leader Shakti Basnet

The November 20 General Election did not bear pleasant result for the CPN (Maoist Center). The party won only 18 first-past-the-post (FPTP) and 15 proportional representation (PR) seats out of the total 275 seats in the Federal Parliament. The Ma…

Big four confident, Madhesh-centric in crisis, RPP, RSP may cross 'threshold' under PR

In the general elections of 2017, a total of 49 parties submitted proportional representation (PR) closed lists to the Election Commission (EC) to get recognition of the national party status. However, after the election, only five parties, Nepal…
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