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Nepal successfully produces hydrogen, marking step towards clean energy


 |  Kathmandu

Hydrogen production and refueling trials in Nepal have become successful, offering a promising glimpse into a clean energy future in a resource-rich, Himalayan nation.

In a landmark achievement, the laboratory of Kathmandu University successfully produced hydrogen and used it as a hydrogen fuel today.

Kathmandu University had operated a lab in collaboration with Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC). The lab had brought a hydrogen vehicle and a refueling machine from South Korea. 

“In a landmark achievement, Nepal has successfully produced hydrogen and refueled a vehicle today,” Dr Biraj Singh Thapa, the chief of the laboratory, told Nepalkhabar, “Today is the Hydrogen Day for Nepal.”

The electricity is required to produce hydrogen. Nepal has a high potential to become a bub of manufacturing hydrogen at a time when hydrogen is gradually taking hold as new energy in the global market.

Since the Nepal government already formulated hydrogen policy the hydrogen has to be accepted as a fuel by formulating necessary laws and regulations, Thapa said.

Even though hydrogen vehicles arrived in Nepal, a legal hurdle still prevents Nepali roads from seeing hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Thapa has stated that Nepal can lead in the hydrogen production by leveraging its water and electricity.


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