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Nepali Embassy in Israel urges Nepalis not to come out of houses except in urgent cases


 |  Kathmandu

The Nepali Embassy in Israel has urged Nepali people in the country not to come out of their houses or shelters unless it is an urgent case.

The Nepali Embassy at Tel Aviv issued this notice to the Nepali migrant workers in Israel following the missile and drone attacks by Iran on Israel.

“New directives have been issued by the Israeli Home Front Command to the general public. According to the directive, Nepali people are urged not to come out of their houses or shelters unless it is very urgent and remain around the safe shelter and keep updated on the latest Iranian attacks,” reads the notice issued by the Embassy, “Schools will remain closed till 11 pm tomorrow while mass meetings have been banned.”

Meanwhile, the Embassy has urged the Nepali people to call at 0528289300 (Kumar Bahadur Shrestha, second secretary) and at 0545582077 (Sanjaya Kumar Shah, attache) in cases of emergency.

More than 300 drones and missiles from Iran, Iraq and Yemen were launched against Israel, BBC reported.

"I know that around 360 various different munitions, 170 explosive drones, 30 cruise missiles, 120 ballistic missiles were fired towards Israel,” Lt Col Peter Lerner tells BBC, “The vast majority of those were intercepted".

Minor damages on the Israeli territory, including at an IDF base in southern Israel, were reported while one child has been injured. 


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