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Devotees throng Matatirtha on Mothers Day (photos)

Saroj Baizu

Saroj Baizu

 |  Kathmandu

Today is Matatirtha Aunsi. The Mother's Day is being celebrated across the country with reverence, devotion and respect, today.

Devotees have flocked to Mathatirtha Kunda (pond) at Chandragiri Municipality-6 in Kathmandu to pay homage to their late mothers since this morning. It is believed that taking holy dip in the pond free one from maternal debt.

The Mother's Day is observed on the occasion of Baishakh Krishna Aunsi. There has been a tradition to take bath in the morning, tenderly offer beautiful clothes and delicious foods to mothers and take blessings.

Devotees usually reach this holy place on the eve of Matatirtha Aunsi, stay up all night worshipping the monument of the mother in memory of their late mothers. A fair is organized here at Matatirtha Kunda and Chandragiri Municipality has given a holiday on this occasion.

Those who do not have a mother remember her by performing shradda (a ritual to pay homage to the departed souls). There is a classical belief that one will get freed from maternal debt by doing so.

In the scriptures, the mother's place is considered higher even than the god. There is a classical value to keep the mother and father happy with respect when they are alive and to perform shradda with reverence after death.


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