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Robin Tamang: Pioneering rockstar who charmed the music lovers

Radhika Adhikari

Radhika Adhikari

 |  Kathmandu

"Chiso Chiso Hawama"

"Jati Maya Layepani"

"Bhoolma Bhulyo"

These songs which are still popular among the music lovers were sung by singer Robin Tamang.

Similarly, the songs, 'Keta Keti', 'Mero Maya', 'Thikai Chha', by Robin resonate even now among the music lovers.  

Robin, who established himself as a rockstar in the Nepali music field by giving live performances, will no longer be seen on any stages. He won't be seen performing live singing rock music. He has bidden adieu to this mundane world, leaving indelible marks in the music field. He will be remembered for years to come by the coming generation for his contribution he has made to the field of Nepali rock music.

Many people's relationship with Robin, who spent a long time in Nepali music, was limited to merely formality (hi, hello). He would only open up with a few people and speak out his heart.

Composer Raju Singh says that Robin had a very reserved nature. “Everyone knows his songs. People who met him many times in the program, did not exchange their thoughts with him except for normal conversations as brothers", he narrated, "There were no stories of his life. It seems that he would only open up with a limited number of people.”

At the age of 12, he lost his mother. Robin had four siblings. His brother also passed away when he was 22 years. Devastated by the death of his brother, he also lost another brother and sister in a span of 10 years. Despite gradually losing family members, Robin persevered by changing his attitude towards life.

Robin was born in 1963 in Singapore. His father was a British soldier. Whose job location was changed every two years. Robin's childhood was also spent sometimes in Singapore, sometimes in Hong Kong, sometimes in Brunei and sometimes in the UK.

Having visited many places as a child, Robin grew up as a fusion of many countries. That is why the range of his desires was not limited to one. Once Robin was a skilled player. He played with special interests including kick boxing and football.

But Robin's family atmosphere was musical. His four siblings are all music connoisseurs. They used to sing songs in a family gathering. Robin was attracted to music after listening to the songs sung by his elder sisters and brothers. That's when he started listening to rock bands like Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple. He was a school boy then.

After listening to the songs of the rock band, Robin's passion grew. He started performing in a band during his school life.

After finishing high school in Hong Kong, Robin then moved to Brunei. Then he went to Canada for further studies and graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. However, Robin's passion and inclination was in music.

Intoxicated by music, he completed mechanical engineering. He said in an interview some time ago, 'I grew up in a very different generation than the present. At that time, parents wanted their children to be either doctors, pilots, nurses or engineers. Some of my brothers and sisters were doctors, some were pilots and some were nurses.

Initially, Robin worked in the field he studied. But it no longer kept him interested. He also engaged in business for some time to entertain himself and opened a restaurant. However, none of them kept him hooked up.

He then started a musical band. He started singing in his own restaurant through that band. Robin spent 17 years of his life in Canada. By the time he was making his mark as a rock singer, his brother and sisters had passed away.

The rest of the family members did not stay at the same place. Scattered in different countries. Then Robin thought, "Where are my roots?" It was 1996, when Robin left Canada for good and started living in Nepal.

Rock music was not very popular when Robin came to Nepal. At that time, the bands 'Cobweb', X Band', and 'Namaste' were in the process of being established. '1974 AD' was just established. All the bands were struggling to make their marks in the Nepali music industry.

In 2006, Robin started a band called 'Robin and the New Revolution'. Along with him in this band were Sunit, Riju, Prajwal and Sharad. They released an album within one year of opening the band. The album named 'Nepal' became a super-hit.

Then the band released another album called 'Keta Keti'. It became very popular which made Robin popular and introduced him to Nepali music lovers. Since then, Robin continued his musical pursuits through this band.

Robin didn't just limit himself to music. He acted in more than a dozen films. He started his acting journey with the movie 'Chhadke' and mostly appeared in negative roles. But he made many positive efforts in the field of Nepali music. As a result of that effort, he became a shining star of Nepali music.

The same shining star left for his heavily abode, causing an irreparable damage to the Nepali rock music. Robin, who was active in music and films, passed away at his residence in Budhanilkantha on Tuesday evening.

Now a shining rockstar has disappeared into the horizon, far away from pain and earthly sufferings. Robin’s sudden demise has left his contemporaries to the youth of the new generation, who have been listening to his songs, bereaved.


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