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Former King Gyanendra in Kathmandu; what's his message about Prasai's campaign?


 |  Kathmandu

Former King Gyanendra Shah. (File Photo)

Medical practitioner Durga Prasai is staging demonstration in a show of strength on the road in Kathmadu to reinstate the monarchy.

His supporters are marching in the streets with posters of Prasai along with that of former king Gyanendra Shah.

Does Prasai's activities have the direct support from the former royal family? Neither Prasai side has given a clear answer to this question, nor has the Shah family made public views about it.

Former King Gyanendra Shah also participated in the event when Prasai inaugurated the 'Nagarik Bachau Mahaabhiyan' on February 13.

Former King Shah along with former Queen Komal Shah, former Prince Paras Shah, and former Princess Sheetashma Shah participated in the event in the name of inaugurating the Nation, Nationality, Religion, Culture and Citizen Rescue Campaign held at the bus park located in Mechinagar-6, Parivitta.

Along with the former royal family, Prasai, the coordinator of the campaign, was also sitting on the platform. Former King Shah, who inaugurated the program, walked away without delivering a speech.

After that, Prasai went to different parts of the country in a campaign to overthrow the current federal democratic republic and reinstate the monarchy.

During the campaign, he made promises to the general public that the loan of up to Rs 20 million would be waived if the campaign were successful.

Now supporters from different parts of the country have gathered at Balkhu in Kathmandu. How did the former king himself take this demonstration?

Against this backdrop, Nepalkhabar talked to Dr. Phani Raj Pathak for his views. Excerpts:

Question: Today there is a demonstration to reinstate the king. How does the former king take it?

Pathak: Let's see what happens.

Question: Any message for today's program?

Pathak: There is no such messages.

Question: Where is the former king?

Pathak: In Kathmandu.

Question: Nirmal Niwas?

Pathak: Yes.

Question: The former royal family was seen at the opening ceremony of the Prasai campaign, right?

Pathak: Let's not talk about it now.

Question: Any talks going on with the Prasai team?

Pathak: Nothing as such, right now.

Question: People seem to have gathered well. Isn't the king excited about this?

Pathak: Let's see, what's going on?


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