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Who create these viral images of Momo and tea?

Radhika Adhikari

Radhika Adhikari

 |  Kathmandu

Funny images of tea and Momo have become viral social media, of late.

In the beginning, a photo of a child running away with a dumpling of Momo and his mother chasing after him was shared by netizens as fun. The next day arrived another treat for the tea connoisseurs – fun photos with tea.

Many Facebook users are, now-a-days, sharing their memories and feelings through these funny images.

Lekh Karki has posted a story on his Facebook wall with pictures with tea that are going viral. He recalled the tea he had with a woman in Kathmandu. He has become a tea lover since that very day and has written, “As soon as I see milk tea in a cup like the one in the picture, I remember that Kalanki tea. The reason I remember it is not because I drank with that woman, I really enjoyed the tea that day. Even now, when I see milk tea in a cup like this in a winter morning, I feel like drinking.”

Giving credit to Facebook for the photo, he asked, “Who is making such beautiful artworks?”

Sharing pictures of tea, Binod Babu Adhikari has written on Facebook his memory of a “Tea selling mother” who gave him tea to beat the biting cold despite having no money.

"These pictures take me back to the alley behind the RNAC building and the mother selling tea there," he wrote.

“So, you have to beat the biting cold, son,” he recalls the mother telling him even though he was broke.  

These images of tea and Momo, which have gone viral on social networking sites, are triggering questions -- where did these pictures come from? Who created them?

These pictures, which are going viral on social media, were created by Shrawan Bomjan from Jorpati, Kathmandu. He designs book covers.

He created all these images through artificial intelligence (AI). After a few days of brain-wracking, came there a funny picture of a child running away with a laughter and a woman running after him. This picture suddenly went viral after it was posted on social media.

After that he wanted to do more creative artworks.

He asked himself, “What is popular in Nepal after Momo?” Came into his mind, tea.

Shrawan wracked his brain for a concept before instructing the AI for tea art. Typed on the computer “Tea kettle, fire, people sitting around having tea.” He says that he did 50 to 60 more arts during this process. He says, “While designing tea art, I envisioned the rural environment and gave instructions accordingly. AI does not understand Nepali. We cannot explain exactly in English. Therefore, art may not come as we imagine at once.”

The art created by Shrawan with the help of AI has received reactions on the social media from various angles. Shrawan says, "Many people are appreciating this art, believing that I created it myself."

He says, “I kept these pictures just for fun. I never thought that it would go viral like this.”

“What I find strange is that we Nepalis are happy even with ordinary photos. We don't need much to be happy. I am also happy to see their happiness,” shares Bomjam.


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