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Ncell launches ‘Always On’ based on 5G vision

Bishal Karki

Bishal Karki

 |  Kathmandu

Ncell, private mobile service provider in Nepal, launches 'Always On’ scheme. (Photo: Bishal Karki)

Ncell, a major foreign investor in Nepal, has unveiled an exciting scheme called ‘Always On’ based on 5G vision.

Along with this, Ncell has stated that now the customers will not have to face the problem of pesky balance deductions on their mobile phones.

The scheme called ‘Always On’, as it means, has been launched with the aim of empowering Nepali customers with their data always on without fear of running out of balance.

"Consumer needs are ever changing, and as more mobile phone users do their daily activities such as shopping, traveling, banking transactions online, they need the Internet to be always on," said Jabbor Kayumov, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ncell.

He said that the concept of this plan is to contribute to digitization by making data usage behavior of Nepali customers similar to other countries of the world.

"Currently, whether it is Ncell or other service providers in Nepal, while being connected to the Internet, various apps on the smartphone are deducting the balance for data usage without the knowledge of the customers," he said.

He says that Ncell wants to solve this problem immediately. Through ‘Always On’, Ncell is committed to sorting out the problem of running out of balance of the customers by reducing more than five dozen such data packs to 20.

"In fact, the bigger objective of this scheme is to prepare Nepali customers for 5G," said Kayumov, "5G is the future of wireless technology and will revolutionize how businesses and economies work." This technology is already available in more than 60 countries. We want Nepal to become the second country in South Asia to commercially launch 5G after India.

According to Ncell, 5G means not only fast internet, but its real meaning is the ability to introduce cutting-edge technology, which can have a significant impact on the development of agriculture, health education, tourism and other sectors.

Ncell says that this will pave the way for the concept of Digital Nepal adopted by the government.

Nepal is currently ranked 109th in the world in terms of mobile broadband speeds. Ncell wants Nepal to be among the top 50 in the world by 2026.

Even though the needs and demands of Nepali mobile phone users are increasing, the daily data usage is very low, only six Nepalis use mobile data regularly. The average data consumption per customer per month is only 4 GB, which is far less than other neighboring countries.

What is ‘Always On’?

Under Ncell's ‘Always On’, the company has launched eight different attractive schemes in 3 groups namely Basic, Best and Unlimited.

It has various plans starting from 98 rupees for 7 days to 1499 rupees for 28 days.

Ncell has also introduced All Nepal Voice Pack and All Nepal SMS Pack schemes targeting customers using a big volume of data.

For example, if a customer renews the Basic scheme of Rs 99, the customer will get 2 GB data, 1 GB free social media data, 49 minutes of All Nepal Voice Pack and 49 All Nepal SMS Pack and it will be valid for 7 days.

Similarly, customers who activate the Best plan of Rs 499 will get 12 GB data, 5 GB free social media data, 449 minutes of All Nepal Voice Pack and 449 All Nepal SMS Pack and this will be valid for 28 days.

Likewise, the customers who activate Rs 1499 pack will get 100 GB data, 15 GB free social media data and unlimited All Nepal Voice Pack. The services under this pack are valid for 28 days.

Customers can activate ‘Always On’ scheme as per their requirement by dialing *123#.



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