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Normal life affected as downpour pounds Valley (photos)

​​​​​​​Floods pose risk to settlements along river-banks
Saroj Nepal

Saroj Nepal

 |  Kathmandu

The water level in the Bagmati, Bishnumati, Dhobikhola and Hanumante rivers in the Kathmandu Valley has swelled up due to torrential rains pouring down since last night.

The floods have affected transportations in some places and posed threats to the settlement of landless squatters around the Thapathali area. However, no human casualties have reported so far despite torrential rains pouring down since last night.

A team of over 300 armed police personnel and a team of city police personnel have been deployed in various parts of the Kathmandu Valley for rescue and relief operations, said deputy spokesperson of the Armed Police Force, Shailendra Thapa said.

The security personnel have been fanned out in flood-risk areas including Gokaneshwar, Balkhu, Bishnumati, Thapathali, Shankhamul, Manohara, Dhobikhola, Jadibudi, Pashupati Area, said Thapa.

The infrastructures including public toilets, corridor park, and resting places built along the coastal area from Teku to UN Park of the Bagmati River, have been inundated.

Meanwhile, an emergency meeting is taking place at the Ministry of Home Affairs to make strategic plans to tackle the possible incidents and damages induced by downpour continuing across the country.



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