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None of films shone at box office but Jaari: Coordinator Adhikari


 |  Kathmandu

Nepali film Jaari, which hit the screens since April 14, has been a huge success at the box office.

One month on, it is still drawing audiences and doing good businesses.

On the other hand, the other Nepali films failed to shine without being able to draw audiences. Even though international films Guardians of the Galaxy, and Fast X attracted some audiences, they did not make businesses as expected.

“Seven films released after Jaari could not even collect their investment. According to the box office report of the Film Development Board, ‘Prasad 2’ collected Rs 7,061,000, followed by Bihe Pass with Rs 7,000,000 while ‘Jackie, I am Twenty One’ notched up Rs 4,378,000.

Halkara, which is considered a beautiful film, collected only Rs 223,000.

 ‘Nai Nabhannu La 6’, a popular sequel in the Nepali film industries, could not make more than Rs 2,100,000.

After Jaari, none of the films, made good collections at the box office, said Ravi Adhikari, coordinator at the Box Office Department of Nepal Film Development Board.


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